Prison Island. One for all, all for one. For all.

Prison Island is a Swedish adventure center franchise concept, owned by Prison Island AB and founded 2004 in Västerås in the greater Stockholm area. Today, there are five centers located in Halmstad, Umeå and Stockholm (under the original name ArosFortet), and two with the name Prison Island located in Linköping and Västerås. At Prison Island, everyone is welcome, all around the year. The concept is suitable for young and for old, families, for group of friends, companies, and for school classes. To take part of the adventure, just form a team, work together to solve the challenges in different prison cells, and collect as many points as possible. During the coming years, Prison Island has the ambition is to expand operations all over Scandinavia and the rest of the world. Our goal is to open over 200 new centers.
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