Prison Island is open in Örebro City!

You can find us in the center of Örebro, in Stortorget, under Pitcher’s.

Gather your friends, form a team and solve the challenging tasks in the prison cells together. Cooperate, collect points and have lots of fun. All are welcome – all around the year! Young as well as old, short as well as tall, the company kick-off, the birthday party, the athlete team, the school class, the bachelor/bachelorette party and the family reunion. It’s a lot like the TV-show “Fort Boyard” where you use teamwork to solve tricky challenges in cells and collect points. All while the clock is ticking…. Everything is possible! And remember – The team always need you and you always need the team!

On Prison Island in Örebro you have everything that’s required for an unforgettable day. 25 tricky prison cells, Lasergame, café and we even offer kids parties. Everything is possible and the best team always win!

The entrance is through Kompassen from Stortorget 7 in Örebro.

In our laser arena you can play up to 18 players simultaneously. Each player is equipped with a vest and a laser gun. In the vest and on the weapon there are different targets that generates points when they are shot at. There is also a base which you can shoot at and collect points. You can choose if you want to play in two teams or each player for itself. The team or the person with the highest score is the winner. You can choose how many games you’d like to play; one, two or three. Each game is 20 minutes.
Create teams of 3-4 persons and challenge yourself on the technical, tactical and physical quests in our 25 prison cells. Remember that cooperation, patience and cleverness is required to solve the tasks. In the end of the day the team with the highest score wins. And remember, the team always wins over the individual! You choose if you want to play for one, two or three hours.
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Megabio is a unique experience in 7D. you experience movies with all your senses in the body. You will feel what you see…. If you dare! We offer 11 different movies that are 4-8 minutes long. You choose between kids/family, adventure and horror films! We guarantee a funny and intense adventure. 60kr/pp
No booking is required. Welcome to drop-in.


Birthday Party
Make a reservation for our birthday party package and we promise you an unforgettable day at Prison Island Örebro. The Birthday Party Package is suitable for children from 9 years age. Cooperate, solves the problems, collect points and have a lot of fun. Then you will get refreshments in a private room. We offer juice, bun, biscuit, a candy bag and a unique Prison Island gift. If you want to, you can also bring your own birthday cake.
A minimum of 8 persons is required.
Would you like to top off the party with a 7D movie?
For an additional 50:-/person the kids get to see a short film 4-8 minutes long. We have 11 adventurous movies for the unforgettable experience!

Kalaspaketen är bokningsbara på söndagar.
Fasta starttider för kalasen är: 10:30, 13:30 och 16:30

Minimum 8 betalande personer per paket - gäller samtliga paket.
Prison Island Birthday Party
Price 220 kr/children
Time 2,5 hours (2h in the cells and fika afterwards).
Lasergame Birtday Party
Price 220 kr/children
Time 1,5 hours (2 lasergames and fika afterwards).
Super Birthday Party
Price 250 kr/children
Time 2,5 hours (1,5 h in the cells and 1 lasergame plus fika afterwards).
Recommended age: From 9 years
Download Birtday invitation here.
If you want to make your own party arrangements in an exciting environment, Prison Island is definitely the right place! We have the prison cells loaded with challenges and an action filled lasergame experience ready for your team. After the adventure you can relax in one of our party rooms where you can buy and beer and snacks. Reward yourself and your friends with an 3 hours unforgettable experience.

1,5 h Prison Island
20 min lasergame
Access to a party room for 1 h after the activities (optional)

300 kr/person
Bring your school class on an adventure you never will forget! Challenge the prison cells, and learn to cooperate. We can help you with other arrangements like meals and accommodation.
Schoolprices weekdays before 16:00
The price includes adults.

2 hours: 145 kr per person
During holidays we offer our regular prices.

Sun-thu 10:00 – 17:00

Prison Island 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours Extra hour
Children* 120 kr 180 kr 220 kr +30 kr
Adult 180 kr 260 kr 320 kr +50 kr
Family** 480 kr 700 kr 860 kr +130 kr

Fri & sat 10:00 – 21:00

Prison Island 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours Extra hour
Children* 140 kr 200 kr 250 kr +40 kr
Adult 195 kr 280 kr 350 kr +60 kr
Family** 530 kr 750 kr 950 kr +160 kr

* 8-17 years ** 2 Adults + 2 Children. * 8-17 years old
Children 7 years and younger free together with parents. Students pay the same price as children during weekdays. Bring your student ID.
We open up outside normal hours for larger groups for a fee of 500 kr/hour. Call us to discuss. Make a reservation for guaranteed spot.

Lasergame 20 minutes/ 1 game 40 minutes/ 2 games 60 minutes/ 3 games extra 20 minutes
1 person 100 kr 170 kr 230 kr +50 kr
Rent out* 1500 kr 2500 kr 3400 kr +750 kr
OBS. Vi förbehåller oss rätten att sätta samman grupper som inte abonnerat. Totaltid per spel beräknas till 30 min (Totaltiden är inklusive introduktion & pauser, aktiv speltid är 20 min/spel). *Have the whole arena for your group.

Book online or call us at 019-227400

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Book your company for a guaranteed place.

Book online here!
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