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Welcome to Sweden’s third ArosFort / Prison Island!

Prison Island is a completely unique prison adventure, quickly expanding in Sweden and the rest of the world. The third ArosFort, as Prison Island previously was called, started 2008 in Umeå.

Gather your friends, form a team and solve the challenging tasks in the prison cells together. Cooperate, collect points and have lots of fun. All are welcome – all around the year! Young as well as old, short as well as tall, the company kick-off, the birthday party, the athlete team, the school class, the bachelor party and the family reunion. It’s a lot like the TV-show “Fort Boyard” where you use team-work to solve tricky challenges in cells and collect points. All while the clock is ticking…. Everything is possible! And remember – The team always need you and you always need the team!

How to get here
You find us right in the center of Umeå.
Östra Rådhusgatan 8B
903 26 Umeå
Phone: +46-90-130777
Visit web page here
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